LIGHTWALK  I  Interactive Installation Proposal for i light singapore 2019


LIGHTWALK is an interactive light installation which uses position tracking and projection mapping to respond to the movement of the audience. It is a 36 meter long light path created in between two rows of palm trees using 4~5 projectors which project various schemes. 

Audiences would walk through various schemes of projection mapping seeing interactive particles and patterns being created and manipulated according to their movement and interaction. The trails of movement keep accumulating for a certain period of time and then changes to the next scheme. 




Lightwalk is located at Singapore Marina Bay in front of the Mist Walk in between the two rows of palm trees. Audiences walking on the waterside will be drawn in to the Lightwalk giving a feeling that they are entering a mysterious passage. The abstraction of light forms will decode the existing context and inject various characteristics to the site. 


Lightwalk uses position tracking (depth camera) to track each audience’s movement. While the audience navigates through the Lightwalk, particles will trace the audience’s movement and local distortions will happen in areas the audience has been. There will be multiple schemes with different interactions in between the audience and the field. 

There will be four schemes of projection including nature, light space, abstraction and fluidity which will all trace the change over time.